The perfect serum for your skin based on a complete, at-home skin test
Category-defining DTC products
Acquired by Function of Beauty in 2021

Meghan Maupin – CEO

Atolla is a beauty company that sells a personalized skincare solution, which is powered by machine learning. The company uses a proprietary system to test a user’s skin for oil, moisture, and pH levels and then creates a unique serum for each user. To do this, a test kit is sent to a customer’s door, and once completed through the app, a unique skin code is generated. Once Atolla knows a user’s skin code, Atolla creates a personalized product and sends it directly to your door.

The product is focused on tailoring a skin care regime directly to a consumer’s skin issues, such as: irritation, dryness, or oiliness. Atolla sells through a monthly subscription and officially launched its product on August 13th, 2019.

BrandProject led Atolla’s first institutional round in 2019. Atolla was acquired by Function of Beauty in 2020.