Jay Bhatti, co-founder of BrandProject, and former graduate of Wharton’s MBA program weighs in on the value of an MBA in a recent article for CLO Media.

Having worked for both major corporations and scrappy startups, Jay’s thoughts on MBA programs stem from the fact that they were originally created to prepare students for a long-term career at a large company. Curriculums are generally still geared towards middle-management jobs at Fortune 500 firms.

But with fewer and fewer people settling in for the long-haul at established businesses and more people joining small startups or creatingtheir own, an MBA certificate has lost some of the value it once had. Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to learn the basics of small business are left high and dry — even potentially disadvantaged as some startups consider MBAs lacking in the core skills needed in an early-stage business: engineering, fundraising experience, bootstrap-marketing expertise or previous startup experience.

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