Chad Leger

CFO & Operating Partner

Chad is both the CFO of BrandProject as well as an operating Partner. He performs the finance and administration roles for our funds, but also works as an interim CFO and advisor for many of our portfolio companies, where he helps with strategic, financial and operations planning, fundraising, and debt financing.

Prior to joining BrandProject, (apart from being an initial investor in BrandProject), Chad was head of finance or CFO at several startups, including companies in the adtech, foodtech, and fintech spaces. He helped these companies scale – some as their first finance hire – and he brings this experience to our portfolio companies.

Outside of work, Chad enjoys travelling and sampling beer or wine at different craft breweries or wineries – or any establishments with a good selection of either! He’s also a lifelong Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fan, which might help explain his affection for beer and wine.