BrandProject Friday 5: Pitch Deck Fundamentals

Here at BrandProject, we get asked lots of questions from entrepreneurs in various stages of the startup life cycle. We thought we’d answer some of the more common subjects here, with the BrandProject Friday 5. Here’s our first instalment:  

Five things investors want to see in a pitch deck

  1. The Big Idea

It sounds obvious, but many pitch decks we see gloss over the actual product or service in favour of slides detailing market size or potential acquirers. As investors, we’re first and foremost interested in your big idea: what is is, why it’s necessary and how it helps consumers with an existing problem. The more we can understand about your product, the better our context for the information to come.

  1. A winning team that’s capable of pulling it off

Even if it’s the best idea in the world, smart investors know that what really brings a business to life is a talented team. At BrandProject, our number one criteria when selecting partners is faith in the founders. Highlight relevant skills and experience, proven success stories and even previous business attempts (‘failures’ are often the best learning experiences a founder can have) to convince investors that you and your team are ready and equipped for the challenges ahead.

  1. Compelling metrics

No matter what phase you’re in (pre-launch, early-stage, or growth), investors want to know that you understand your business, your industry and how you’ll identify success. Things like new customer growth, their profitability and the cost and efficiency to acquire them, healthy and growing margins and a path to scale and profitability will prove that you have your finger on the pulse and will be able to identify any red flags as they arise.

  1. An understanding of the market and why you’re the best choice

Now that we understand your product and the market for it, tell us why it’s a better option than what your competitors are offering. Make sure you’re able to clearly articulate your differentiators and what will make you stand above the rest.

  1. A clear path forward

A clear vision for the future is a compelling sales tool in any investor deck. Investors are more likely to support your business if they can envision it at a bigger scale. Outline your immediate vision for the next 12 months and articulate your ultimate end goal, including potential acquirers. Sales figures and growth trajectories are important, but only half of the bigger picture. Tell investors exactly how you intend to spend the money to show that you know how to grow the business to the next level. Be honest – if you need more people, a bigger Facebook budget or new office space, be upfront about it. The fact that you know what you need to move forward gives us confidence that our investment is in good hands.