A startup is filled with challenges — to be successful you need the right team to take the new business forward. Here are five personality traits to look for when hiring a winning team.

1. Goes the extra mile / The Marathoner

No one joins a startup for a better work-life balance … good startups need team members willing to keep pace to win the race.  Many entrepreneurs tell stories of deals closed in bars over boardrooms and the lucky break they caught at a baseball game. Look for people who have passion for what they do — whatever and wherever they may be.

2. Perpetually unsatisfied with the status quo  / The Challenger

Successful startups are ones that challenge the status quo. Look for people who are constantly challenging the normal way of doing business, someone always looking for a better way.  Sometimes this may seem like a bit of a debbie-downer, but this relentless pursuit of a better way will help drive your business forward, fast.

3. An aptitude for juggling / The Multi-tasker

Most startup environments are similar to high-intensity interval training circuits, minus the ‘rest’ periods. In a constant state of all-systems go, having people who can focus on multiple aspects of the business is critical. Typically, they have a wider understanding of the business and can jump in when needed — no matter what the challenge is.

4. Flexibility over strength / The Yogi

Startups have an advantage over more established businesses who are less able to respond and react to changing consumer needs. As a result, people who tend towards flexibility over standing firm are great additions to any growing business. The road to startup success is anything but straight and narrow. Surrounding yourself with people able to handle quick turns will help ensure a smoother ride.

5. Shapes & Colours /  The Creative

Creative people make good entrepreneurs, but not just for the cool business ideas they come up with. People who think outside the box are good problem solvers, finding creative ways to navigate challenges and seeing opportunities others might not. Creativity is also a good barrier against defeat — it’s easier to stay motivated if your brain can find solutions!