The Gleamery

A boutique for busy teeth.
Digitally-Enabled Retail Services

Tina Nguyen - CEO

The Gleamery is a health & wellness startup focused on reinventing the dental industry.

Today’s consumer is looking to invest in the appearance of their smile but does not want to visit a traditional dental office for this, as consumers hate going to the dentist – the smell of the drill, the sight of all the equipment, fear of pain, and the depressing waiting rooms. The Gleamery has identified a gap in the millennial market for cosmetic dental services that are unintimidating, convenient and effective. The company is building the first national dental brand specializing in professional grade, expeditious teeth whitening and cleaning. The Gleamery’s studios will have a hospitality and design focused ethos and a seamless, technology enabled customer experience.

The first two locations are opening in Portland, Oregon fall 2022 and the company plans to open studios in cities across the U.S., building a nationwide brand leader in preventive and cosmetic dental care. The Gleamery was founded by Tina Nguyen, an endodontist and graduate of Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry.

BrandProject led The Gleamery’s seed round in 2022.