Tradizione Italiana, Delivered

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Cosimo Mammoliti, Founder

Jason Cassidy, Founding General Manager

Cosimo Mammoliti was raised by Italian immigrants who fled war-torn Italy looking for a better life in Canada. One thing they couldn’t leave behind was the comforting food and the unique traditions centred around the kitchen table. Cosi and his family have shared these traditions at his twelve restaurants, bakeries and shops across North America, presenting his unique approach to Italian dining to millions of satisfied loyal customers.

But he wanted to get this quality of food into more homes, and so, his next adventure is to take the food he loves and share it more broadly as a delivery business. PORTA, meaning door or carry, brings traditional Italian food directly to your door. What was once only found in tucked away restaurants is now available to everyone.

PORTA uses the highest quality ingredients, combined with time honored techniques to
make delicious pizzas, pastas and desserts. PORTA is handmade by chefs, who flash freeze the food to protect its rich flavours and make it easy for you to cook in 15 minutes or less.

BrandProject incubated Porta with Terroni Group in 2021. Together with Cosimo,
BrandProject has conceived of the brand, built the website and financial model, recruited the team, and developed the strategy for the business.