Owlet Baby Care

A next-generation baby monitor

Category-defining DTC products
Exit via IPO in July 2021

Kurt Workman – CEO

A team of new fathers with backgrounds in engineering and digital saw an opportunity to solve a real need that they identified with as new parents. They had all experienced the stress of bringing home a newborn and the numerous sleepless nights worrying about their baby’s comfort and safety.

CEO Kent Workman and the team saw an opportunity to provide peace of mind to new parents as they bring their newborns from the hospital to the home.

Owlet Baby Care is a next generation baby monitor that allows you to see your baby’s health at a glance of your smartphone. Leveraging lightweight, comfortable and safe wearable technology, the company aims to bring peace of mind to new parents around the world.

Their first product is a baby sock embedded with sensors that monitors breathing, heart rate, skin temperature and sleep patterns. Relevant data is sent to the caregiver’s smartphone and is easily monitored with automatic alerts.

The team brings considerable experience to the table and an outstanding capacity to develop and refine the very product that could one day become the de facto standard.

BrandProject participated in Owlet’s Series A in 2014. Owlet went public in 2020.