Our Place

Cookware products that simplify home cooking

Category-defining DTC products

Amir Tehrani – CEO

Shiza Shahid – CMO

Our Place is a direct-to-consumer kitchenware business focused on selling innovative cookware products to millennial consumers.

Millennials are becoming increasingly interested in cooking, yet many lack the kitchen supplies necessary to cook quality meals. The kitchenware market is a massive $20 billion market, and has seen little of the innovation that has touched other consumer segments.

Our Place has created a unique product built around convenience, quality, and simplicity. Their hero product is the Always Pan – a multifunctional product designed to be used everyday from breakfast to dinner. The product serves the function of 8 cookware products, which appeals to many city-dwelling millennials who like to cook but live in small spaces. Founders Amir and Shiza have created a mission-driven brand built on bringing people together with food and culture.

Our Place was founded by Amir Tehrani and Shiza Shahid in 2019. BrandProject participated in the Series A investment in 2020.