Minoan makes the real world shoppable

Commerce enabling platforms

Marc Hostovsky - Founder & CEO

Shobhit Khandelwal - Co-Founder & CTO

Minoan is a company at the frontier of a new way of shopping — one they call “Native Retail”.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and fell in love with the soaps / shampoos? Maybe you had the best sleep of your life, and wanted to know where you could get the mattress? Or, maybe you were at your friend’s house and loved their speaker system, their coffee maker, or even their plants.

This is “Native Retail”. It’s about discovering products you love “in the wild,” in environments where products are being used for what they were designed to do. In Native Retail, products aren’t boxed up in a display case like they are in stores and they’re not hiding behind tactful merchandising on a phone screen, like they do in ecommerce. There’s no sales person over your shoulder — just you and the products. Minoan believes these special moments are the future of retail.

Minoan is building the platform to bring these moments to life, in a digital-first narrative. Their vision is to be the “everywhere store”, powering native, shoppable experiences anywhere products are being used in the flow of everyday life.

BrandProject participated in Minoan’s seed round in 2021.