Juno Vet

Vet care for pet people.

Digitally-Enabled Retail Services

Jamie Shea

Patrick Meyer

Today’s pet owners are vastly different than previous generations as consumers are spending more on their pet’s health, wellness, and experiences –the humanization of pets has led owners to treat them as part of the family. However, the quality of vet care hasn’t kept up with consumers’ expectations, especially the 31% of all pet owners that are millennials who are seeking elevated brands with tech enabled services.

Juno’s mission is to bring veterinary care into the 21st century through a network of reimagined vet clinics geared towards the modern consumer. Pet parents will receive exceptional customer service from friendly and caring vets and support staff that are treated fairly, leveraging technology to schedule visits, process payments and track their pet’s ongoing care. This will all be done in state of the art, beautifully designed clinics that are welcoming and create a calming environment. Pet parents will also be able to access 24/7 care at home through an integrated mobile app.

The Juno Vet team is preparing to launch the first location in Toronto in late Fall 2022.

Juno Vet was founded in 2022 by Jamie Shea and Patrick Meyer (the founders of Chefs Plate) alongside Dr. Cassandra Vlahaki – the Head of Veterinary Medicine.