Iris & Romeo

Less makeup, more you
Commerce enabling platforms

Tara Desai - CEO

Michele Gough Baril - Founder

Iris & Romeo is a skincare-meets-makeup brand that seeks to simplify the modern woman’s life and get her where she wants to go.

Iris & Romeo sells all-in-one, skincare-plus-makeup hybrids that streamline a consumer’s daily routine and contain game-changing formulas that deliver high performance skincare, plus a healthy dose of weightless colour for a “you, but a better look”.

Michele Gough Baril, who founded the company in 2019, was obsessed with creating a brand that would resonate with the modern lifestyle and values of her consumer — clean, sustainable, pro-woman, age-inclusive — a brand that stood for real women, and real conversations.

BrandProject led Iris & Romeo’s seed round in 2021.