Via Forbes

Since a mask has become indispensable for all activities outside your own home and those Zoom calls are not the most forgiving, Botox has become an increasingly popular beauty boost in the last few months. Stress and anxiety have increased grimacing and the top part of our faces are now getting extra scrutiny. Botox can be a quick fix, but not all Botox services are the same. Peachy was co-founded by Harvard educated Dr. Carolyn Treasure, where an AI-powered approach is combined with a very user-friendly vibe.

How does it work? Through extensive clinical and patient experience, the Peachy Clinical Team developed its own preventative Botox dosing program, which they then turned into a predictive algorithm based on multivariate regression analyses. Peachy’s program takes into account five key variables ranging from the appearance of existing dynamic lines to the amount of muscle movement each individual wishes to retain. When clients first arrive at the studio, they’ll step into Peachy’s photography room where a set of four images will be taken. Based on the photographs, a Peachy provider inputs the client’s unique variables into the predictive algorithm and receives a preventative dosing recommendation. It may sound complicated, but it is really a more advanced way to get the results you want; you and your provider ultimately collaborate to fine tune your treatment plan. The only areas addressed are the ones that have received FDA approval (the forehead, between the eyebrows and those annoying crow’s feet), which just so happen to be the areas that are most visible while wearing a mask.

My favorite part of the Peachy approach just may be its flat rate fee arrangement. All doses of Botox are priced at $375 with no cap on the number of units used and if you need a booster after two weeks, that is also included. So there is no need to worry that someone will try to sell you additional services or you won’t get the treatment that best addresses your wrinkle goals.

Dr. Treasure and team also happily take a holistic approach to beauty and wrinkle prevention. In addition to Botox, Peachy prescribes individually formulated retinoids that include tretinoin, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C that aim to increase collagen production and lessen fine lines. And since we know that sun damage is a leading cause of aging (and other bad things), Peachy has also created a range of mineral sunscreens that are clean, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and meant to be used daily.

There is little reason to worry about Covid-safety. Peachy’s studio is immaculate, everyone is wearing a mask and you can keep yours on during your treatment.