While the idea of ‘curated content’ may have moved from niche to mainstream, the demand for individually tailored offerings continues to gain momentum across industries, age groups and consumer channels. As people get busier and efficiency becomes a currency almost as valuable as cash, the demand for more relevant choice is increasing exponentially, with more and more companies jumping onboard. Often, curated content is coupled with a subscription service, for an ultimate hassle-free experience.

Many of our BrandProject companies offer curation as part of their value proposition, and the fast growth and consumer feedback continues to validate the appetite for this kind of personalized approach.

For example …

Meal delivery is one of the fastest growing industries in both Canada and the United States, and two of our BrandProjects — Chef’s Plate and Freshly — are seeing proof with incredible momentum and happy customers. Both subscription services provide creative menus, fresh quality ingredients and reliably simple cooking instructions, or ready-to-eat meals, eliminating the hassle of grocery shopping, meal planning and the bulk of kitchen prep. The end result is a simplified dinner experience, through a curated collection of menus and fresh ingredients, delivered to your door.

Brika is another example of a carefully selected range of products made by artisans and ‘makers’ across North America. A selective, distinctive marketplace for unique products across multiple categories, Brika provides a one-stop-shop for everything from housewares to jewellery, all made by makers vetted through Brika’s aesthetic filter of beautiful design and artisan quality.

It’s clear from the rapid growth of these companies – all relatively new – that curation is adding value to consumers. And to some extent, that’s what BrandProject is about. Our team finds and selects best-in-class products and services that are disrupting the market and adding unique value, and work with their founders, scaling them into easily accessible household names – providing better choices and simpler living.