A lot has been written about the futility of cold-calling investors. Many blog posts espouse the value of finding a warm introduction to a VC and the importance of having a trusted referral. While we don’t dispute that it’s easier when you know someone we know; today we’re proving that it’s not always necessary.

Michael Wystrach sent a cold email through our website. He had read about us somewhere and thought we’d be the right team to help him scale his business. Digging in, we discovered that he and his Co-Founder Carter Comstock (both pictured above), were addressing an opportunity that we had discussed many times internally…

We like the “fresh food” delivery space. Companies like Blue Apron, Plated are booming – offering consumers a way to skip the grocery store and get ingredients that correspond to recipes delivered to their door. They offer a valuable service to someone who enjoys the process of cooking – but what about people who want total convenience? With today’s options, the actually “prepared for you” choices seem to be either unhealthy, frozen or require a fair amount of labor to put together. As a team, we had tossed around our desire for fresh (read: not frozen), already put-together meals. When we read F3 Food’s summary – that they were cooking and delivering healthy meals across America – we had a fair amount of skepticism but also a pre-conceived interest in the space. When they sent samples of their fresh, prepared meals to our NYC office; we were hooked.

 F3 Foods has an incredible team that includes a talented in-house Chef and a Doctor who specializes in nutrition. All meals are prepared with the highest quality ingredients and a focus on healthy living. The talented team cooks delicious, restaurant quality meals in their own facility and ships directly to customer homes. Their proprietary technology allows meals to stay fresh in the fridge and gives customers an unprecedented level of convenience. A week’s worth of breakfasts, lunches and dinners – all ready to be heated and appreciatively devoured. Our team has become huge fans of the food and are avid consumers of the product.

Today we’re thrilled to announce our investment in F3 Foods and are looking forward to working with Mike and the team to scale the business. We see huge opportunities to build the brand and expand our offering.

Check out F3 Foods on their website:

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